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Thomas Schroyer
Director, Writer, Actor, 

Madcap was created by Thomas Schroyer, (aka Tommy Twimble and Pappy) an international vaudeville/circus performer and storyteller. As a writer, Thomas realized he had more material than he ever could perfect on stage so he finally embraced the short form video format.. Experience with film scoring, physical comedy, storytelling, and acting allows him to create with the magic of video and to reach larger audiences.

Who is Madcap?

Madcap Creatives

          Creative  Madcappers

Abbey Pleviak, actress

Philip Van Scotter,  Director of Photography 

TrashCan Joe, House band

Kazum Acrobatics

James Cook, musician and songwriter

Jamie Coventry, comedian and joke master 

Mike  Danner, Accordion and songwriter

Madcap Comedy is honored to work with some of Portland's most creative people.  


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